MSU Parametrics ’13

MSU Parametric design workshop

02 March 2013

Workshop Files


Sketching Data – raw data to geometry


4D Sections

Map Deformation based on Time

Visualizing Census Data


Facade Panels based on Rays

Facade Panels using Morphed Geometry

Facade Design based on Vasari/EcoTect analysis data

Sketching Data

• Core of parametrics and algorithmic computation.
• Lists/Arrays, Tables, Mathematics
• Parametrics and founding relationships on distance.

Conceptual Design methods

• 4D Intersections (sections over time into a surface)
• Manipulated Topography based on time.
• Visualizing the change in data and the space between multiple models of Data.

Lighting and Facade design

•  Dividing a skin into panels and setting proximity to a point
•  Analysis of a skin from a single light source, (both sun and local lighting)
•  Design of panels  which respond to light and design criteria including apertures
•  Setting up multiple responsive systems within one skin – including omission of selected
panels, or groups of panels

Customized plugins developed by StudioNU

• Reflection
• Google – to determine distance, times and routes when determining site proximities to other  locals, transportation and programs
• Water Flow analysis
• Twitter and Facebook data capture, including GPS
• Refraction
• Google Maps


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