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Tutorial 3

Tutorial from Sep 15th 2014 in FayerWether 202. Covers Animation, Proximity, Attractors…


Tutorial 2

In this tutorial we reiterate how to import databases and visualize the data on a map. We look at how to import .SHP files from the internet and how to visualize geographic and property value data as well as how to normalize the data (make the data relative) to building area for that property.

In the second part we look at importing database and tables that have no geographic data and relate that data to geographic vector data.

Here you can find the video and associated files:


FilesNYC OpenData and NYCGov to

The following NYC Data Sources will be used in this tutorial:

NYC Property lookup

NYC OpenData

NYC Data


MapPLUTO Reference:

Normalizing Data:


Tutorial 1

This tutorial is an introduction to the basics of parametric modeling , using Rhinos Grasshopper and various data sources.

This first intro touches on the basics of Grasshopper and then gets into the fundamentals of mapping data.

For demonstration purposes , the tutorial makes use of data from online sources (in this case South Africa) as well as GIS data that you will have access to on your school servers. The GIS data can only be read in ArcGIS and so you will need access to a computer that has this software installed.

You will not need access to GIS data on the servers, as data is included amongst the files provided.

These initial videos were recorded with an audience, so there may be intermittent Q&A sessions.

Video 1  – part1 – introduces the basics of point/vertex data in 3-dimensional space.

Video 1  – part2 – Scraping data from online sources ( and mapping the data in GH.

Video 1  – part3 – Extracting data from Raster images like JPG maps and GIS data

Tutorial Files 



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